Your Total Packaging Resource.


Your Total Packaging Resource.

Benefits of Contract Packaging

When making the decision to hire an outside professional packaging solution company, like PreferPack, it is important to keep in mind following benefits contract packaging can offer you and your product:

Cost-effectiveness- Since hiring additional staff, investing in production facilities, as well as packaging equipment and supplies can be a very costly expense, hiring an outside source to the work for you can be a more efficient way to save money.

Creative Design- When using an outside packaging company, you will be provided with more opportunities for custom packaging solutions, as well as printing design and marketing solutions as well. Additionally, they also have the expertise to let you know what packaging products will and will not work for your products.

Efficient- A professional company will have the tools and equipment necessary to not only package your product in less time, but also ship them as quickly as possible. This will help to ensure your product is moving your inventory on time and reducing the lead-time to market. Perhaps the biggest advantage, however, is their ability to handle high capacity orders.

Sustainability- It is important some to consider a packaging solution that offers the use of a more sustainable resource. Since this can be costly to do on your own, using an outside packaging company that offers sustainable packaging options can help to meet your goals of reducing packaging waste, at a budget that is right for you.

PreferPack has been a leader in the packaging industry for over 37 years. Our team of professional designers and packaging experts will help to design a packaging solution that not only meets your budget, but also fits your product’s unique needs from shipping to the shelf.


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