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Flexible Packaging Performance

Flexible packaging has a lot of advantages compared to rigid packaging which for years was a very popular way to package goods. Flexible packaging can perform a variety of fictions and below are several example of how this type of packaging can be beneficial to you.

1. Protection for delivery- packaging protects a product. A consumer pays for a product and expects that product to be in tact an plays a huge part in delivering value. Seals protect a product from spilling out, from contamination and safety. 

2. Protection for processability- the purpose is to minimize waste through the production process. A successful flexible package should have a customizable force for sliding, be optimized for machine production and withstand different environments through the shipping process.

3. Utility for consumer containment, freshness, and tailored transmission-  Every product has its own standard for freshness and barrier properties. This is done by protecting the integrity of the product, offer opening and closing features for multiple uses and allowing controlled venting. 

4. Utility for consumer-added functionality.Flexible packaging technologies have progressed to improve product storage and add preparation functions. This is done by vacuum packed packaging, microwavability and ovenability to cook and bake items.

5. Motivation at retail- Beautiful packages help motivate people to purchase your product. Packaging appearance and style attract consumers needs and expectations. This is done by providing a smooth surface for high-quality printed images, uniformly colored packaging and and offer different shapes.

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