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How Today’s Ballparks Are Becoming More Sustainable

Spring is officially here and with it comes America’s favorite pastime…baseball. With the start of the 2014 season, ballparks and major league teams are teaming up and going green. Here are some examples of the ways our favorite teams are playing ball sustainably.

In 2013, at Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners, more than 90 percent of potential waste was diverted from ending up in landfills, but instead was recycled and used in composting.

Due to this staggering statistic, you will be more likely to find food and drinks being served in a more environmentally friendly material like compostable and recyclable plastics. The use of compostable polyactic acid cups, compostable plastic plates, and compostable plastic bags will help to aid in this effort and will allow for these sports venues to become a more sustainable operation.

These are not the only efforts being made in creating a more sustainable environment. In addition to the use of compostable and recyclable products, stadiums and ballparks are adding improvements such as lower flow toilets and more energy efficient lighting.

Safeco Field is not the only sports venue that is participating in these green efforts. Other teams like the Atlanta Falcons and the Pittsburgh Pirates are adopting these practices. Professional sports teams are working together and forming what is known as the Green Sports Alliance in order to promote a more sustainable game.

According to Scott Jenkins, the chairman of the Green Sports Alliance, the Seattle Mariners saved $165,000 in 2013 by diverting trash from the landfill. It is estimated that if every major league baseball team participated in the same sustainable efforts, that they could save an estimated $16.5 billion each year.

In a world where going green has never been more important, now is a good time to consider how you can contribute to the sustainability of our environment.

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