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Your Total Packaging Resource.

Important Things To Consider When Designing Your Ideal Packaging Solution

Contrary to common belief, the purpose of good packaging is not to simply deliver your product in a safe manner, but there is so much more to this process. Since your packaging compliments your product, here are a few things you should consider before deciding on your product’s unique packaging solution:


Considering factors such as how your product will be shipped and where your product is being transported to, will play a key role in determining if secondary packaging is necessary in order to protect and stabilize your product during the transportation process. By using materials such as stretch film and corrugated boxes, you can ensure the safety of your product from manufacturer to distributor.


If your product will be moving from either the manufacturer to the distributor or manufacturer to the user, you will want to consider how you wish the product to be distributed in each situation. This will help you to determine what type of retail packaging should be used.


It is imperative to consider where your product will be stored once the distributor has received it. Things such as condensation, spoilage, and the elements can all play an important role in the type of packaging solution you choose.

Retail Ready

If your product is being sold in retail stores, it is important to consider several factors. Where and how is your product being displayed? What type of message do you wish to convey on your product’s packaging? What are the other products your product will be competing with? By using processes such as digital printing, not only can you assure your product will be noticed, but there is a fast-turnaround with this process.

Product Usage

An important thing to remember when designing your ideal packaging solution is how easy your package will be for users to open. Consumers are looking for safety, as well as convenience when it comes to product packaging. By deciding if the packaging will hinder or assist in use of the product will help you to make the right decision.

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