Your Total Packaging Resource.


Your Total Packaging Resource.

Making Sure Your Products Get There In One Piece

Everyone has had at least one object they shipped arrive broken.  The issue is in the packaging.  If you want your goods to arrive in one piece, consider your options.  Who can provide the correct packaging for your treasures?

Reliable Packaging Options…

Corrugated boxes are considered the best possible solution to all of your packaging problems.  The availability and quality of these boxes, in different sizes and shapes, has made them the most popular packaging option.

Fiber packaging is the preferred packaging option.  What’s great about fiber is that it can be 100% recycled.  The cost of transportation of fiber packaged material is reasonable too.  Many times, it has emerged as an apt replacement for Wooden Packaging.

Prefer Pack is already a leader in customized box design and packaging for your business.  Even if don’t own your own company and wish to simply send an item save and sound to a friend or family member, Prefer Pack is always there to take care of your precious cargo.

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