New Corrugated Plastic Reels & Spools Save You Money

Corrugated plastic reels combine the durability of wood spools and solid plastic reels with lightweight, lower cost corrugated plastic to give you a unique method of shipping and storing products like rope, wire, cable, solder, ribbons, extrusions, chain, twine, etc. Our custom plastic corrugated reels require no expensive molds as found in the manufacture of solid plastic reels.

plastic corrugated spools collapse completely flat for lower cost bulk shipping at

These reels are collapsible so they can be shelved and shipped flat, and the 100% recyclable polypropylene material allows for the same reel to be used several times without failure, both being huge money savers. We can die cut many different flange diameters to fit your needs, and core wraps are available to add strength to your reel while it’s stored empty or during shipping.

PreferPack is one of a very few packaging companies carrying these innovative corrugated plastic reels. Feel free to call us at 877-284-7752 to ask any question you may have or to get a price quote for your order. Read more about our corrugated plastic reels at

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