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Your Total Packaging Resource.

Green Global Business Practices

Packaging Production and Sustainability

A product’s packaging is the brand’s last opportunity to refine any tangible elements that may significantly sway customer purchases. As a result, each company must account for each detail of packaging production, including final design choices and sustainability factors.

During the first stages of package production, important requirements must be identified and met in order for your product to leave the warehouse. A few of these details include the structural design of the package, in-store placement, and quality control. After considering the requirements, creative design contributes by capitalizing on the attributes that will ultimately attract customers when scanning the shelves. Once the final design is selected, company focus turns to logistics and processes such as distribution and sales.

Green Is Good for Business

Product introduction in today’s markets all but require companies to consider environmental factors. However, sustainability and recycling regulations are not only earth-friendly, they are generally important to customers and can even be business-friendly. Here are a couple ways to implement green practices into packaging production:

  • Efficiency:  Lessen the amount of materials required for packaging production, while ensuring the packaging is functional.
  • Eco-Friendly:  Use environmentally-friendly materials. Remember the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) and the many ways to apply this in both product packaging and shipping.

Companies often find that, by dedicating some time to address the holistic impact of sustainability prior to launching a packaging production run, the transition from warehouse to shelves is much smoother than the hastily rushing through the planning phases.  What is more, the incorporation of environmentally-friendly packaging elements can provide additional comfort to purchasers and even sway those purchasers who are actively considering the competition.

During its 30 years of business, PreferPack has grown a reputation for providing unique packaging solutions to address budgetary objectives, as well as environmental impact. Get a free quote today today to learn how we can help streamline the packaging process for sustainability and affordability.

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