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Your Total Packaging Resource.

Shelf Ready Packaging: Is It For You?

Shelf-ready packaging (SRP) has become an increasingly popular trend in the packaging industry. Not only is it ideal for shipping, displaying, and marketing your product, but it also meets certain packaging expectations of retailers all over, such as the cost-effectiveness related to stocking and waste management.

Not only is shelf-ready packaging, also commonly known as retail-ready or display-ready packaging, an effective solution for retailers, but is also just as beneficial to you and your business as well. The following are the essential elements of shelf-ready packaging and how it can benefit your product:

  • It’s easy to identify. With the use of technologies such as digital printing, you are able to easily demonstrate, as well as illustrate your brand.
  • It’s easy to open. With the elimination of the need for cutting tools and its ability to be opened and cleaned up in little time, this solution is guaranteed to keep your retailers happy.
  • It’s easy to replenish. Since shelf-ready packaging is so convenient to stock, this then makes it just as convenient to restock.
  • It’s easy to shop for. Once the consumer knows what to look for, your shelf-ready packaging display will be more visible and much easier to recognize. In addition, it is important that the design of your shelf-ready packaging be stable when half-empty, as well as convenient during the removal and placement of the product in the display.
  • It’s easy to dispose of. Not only should it be easy to dismantle and separate, but it should also be recyclable. Shelf-ready packaging is often times made from corrugated cardboard, making it a more sustainable solution.

While shelf-ready packaging is not a requirement with most retailers, it is quickly gaining interest. Whether you are interested in a custom packaging solution, or in need of high quality digital printing services, PreferPack can help with any and all of your unique packaging solution needs. Contact us today to get started on the best solution for you and your product’s needs.

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