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Your Total Packaging Resource.

The Latest Sustainable Packaging Trends

Innovators in the packaging industry are constantly working on new ways to safely and effectively package goods. With sustainability gaining importance in every aspect of a product’s life cycle, there are more and more trends evolving as we speak. Here are just some of the latest trends in the sustainable packaging industry:

Rigid Plastic Containers- Many industries are getting rid of glass containers, and replacing them with rigid plastic alternatives instead. The reason behind this is due to its ability to be smaller and lighter, as well as its ability to be made with the use of fewer materials. In addition, since less truly does mean more, by reducing the amount of money required to make your packaging solution, the less expensive the product will then become for the consumer.

Plant-based Product Packaging- By producing plastic from a renewable resource such as plants, we are not only finding a more sustainable solution for product packaging, but reducing the costs related to the use of fossil fuels, but also increasing the recyclability of the product packaging.

Reusable Packaging- Originally, this was limited to packaging materials such as reusable pallets, racks, and bulk containers. Now, reusable packaging is becoming a more in demand product by retailers and now consists of materials such as glass, paper, and cardboard. Not only does reusable packaging reduce the amount of packaging waste, but it also gives the consumer a feeling of getting more for their money wen there is a way to reuse the product’s packaging.

Recycling Labels- Consumers are finding that in order to effectively reduce the amount of packaging waste by recycling, they need specific labels on their product’s packaging, explaining how to do so correctly.  It is important that these labels are easy to understand, as well as ways to manage the packaging material’s end of life cycle.

As expectations for sustainable packaging solutions grow, it is important to consider how you can change the ways you package your product. For help with your unique packaging needs, contact PreferPack, an industry leader in providing effective, affordable, and sustainable packaging solutions.

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