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Your Total Packaging Resource.

The Most Important Elements When It Comes To Successful Packaging

When it comes to successful packaging concepts, most people only think of the visual aspects. An effective visual will most definitely attract the consumer, but that is not the only thing your packaging solution must do. Here are few other key concepts you must keep in mind when designing what is best for you, your product and the consumer.

Protection- Perhaps one of the most important things to remember when designing your solution is the ability to protect the product during transit, on the shelves, or when stacked during storage. It is also important to use packaging products like corrugated cardboard when shipping products to ensure that your product is arriving to its destination in one piece. An additional benefit to using custom corrugated is the ability to not only ship your product safely, but display it as well.

Safety- It is imperative to keep in mind the people who may be handling your product. If it is something that should not be handled by children, then it is an absolute must to have a packaging solution that allows for maximum protection from those curious little ones. Another reason for safety is to protect your product from the elements such as moisture, oxygen, heat, or microbes. This is essential in making sure that your product is reliable and can be guaranteed to reach its shelf life.

Convenience- By using packaging that is easy to handle and open, you are providing a convenience factor for all ages of your consumers, especially appealing to those who may have difficulty opening products. Additionally, products that can be used on the go, like blister packs, are increasing in popularity and play an important role in the convenience concept.

Eco-friendly- Sustainable packaging seems to be on everyone’s minds these days. The beauty of sustainable packaging concepts is its ability to not only keep a product for its entire life cycle, but the ability to be recycled and reused.

Message and Branding- Since packaging can also be an effective way to advertise your product, it is important to remember your message and branding while designing your solution. You must attract your consumer, hold their attention, and tell them what your product is about…all in a matter of seconds. Effective messaging is not all about over doing it on the visuals, but must be clear and concise in combination with attractive graphics.

By keeping these key elements in mind, you are sure to create a successful concept. Our design team at PreferPack can help you determine what unique packaging concept not only will provide your customers with quality and care, but at an affordable cost to you.


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