Your Total Packaging Resource.


Your Total Packaging Resource.

Things to Consider When Pricing a Box

It’s amazing how something as simple as a box can be quite complicated to price. Here are the questions we’ll be asking you when you call:

  • Size of the box (Length x Width x Depth).
  • Box Style (RSC, FOL, ect).
  • What goes in the box.
  • How much weight will the box need to hold.
  • How the box will ship – UPS, FedEx or Common Carrier.
  • The material or board grade the box is to be made of (determined by the answers to the above questions).
  • The type of outside liner – Kraft, Oyster White or Bleach White.
  • The type of manufacturers joint – Glued, Stitched or Taped.
  • Plain or printed. ┬áIf printed, number of colors and number of panels.
  • Pallets or no pallets.
  • Quantity and ship-to location.

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