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Understanding The Difference Between Shrink And Stretch Wrap

The use of custom packaging solutions is steadily gaining importance in today’s packaging world. Perhaps two of the most widely used materials to protect and keep products intact during transport are shrink and stretch wrap. Many people, however, have misconceptions on these two popular materials and are unaware of their differences.

What Is Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap is made of polyolefin plastics and is typically used to protect a single product, such as foods, from things like the elements or dirt and dust. Shrink wrap is a loose material that shrinks and conforms to its product when heat is applied.

The Advantages Of Shrink Wrap

Not only is shrink wrap a good way to protect your product from weather and dust, but is also effective in protecting your product from damage during transport, during storage, and is not likely to chafe if applied correctly. In addition, the chances of moisture damage can be reduced since shrink wrap can be ventilated if necessary.

What Is Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap is made of polyethylene plastics and is typically used to hold a load of products together while on a pallet for transportation and for storage. Stretch wrap also comes in a variety of other specialty films, including, but not limited to, vented pallet wrap, UV stretch wrap, colored stretch film, and pre-stretched film.

The Advantages Of Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap is also very effective in keeping your product well protected from dust and weather, but also from the sun with its UV options. Since stretch wrap comes in a variety of options, it is adaptive to your product, and appropriate for different surfaces. In addition, stretch film is typically more cost-effective than other pallet wraps, and requires the use of less expensive equipment to apply stretch wrap.

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2 thoughts on “Understanding The Difference Between Shrink And Stretch Wrap

  1. April Cook says:

    I work for a small business and we are starting to ship our product to stores across the country. I’m really interested in the UV stretch wrap. I think that would be helpful in insuring our products safety when it is on the pallet. Do most shipping companies offer this kind of wrapping, or will we have to order it ourselves? Thanks for the information!

  2. Hi April,

    UV stretch wrap is typically used on pallets stored long term outdoors. We do have UV stretch wrap in stock. Please email us at for more information.



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