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Your Total Packaging Resource.

Ways To Make Your Package Greener

In today’s world, the need to be “green” has become more important than ever. In order to reduce waste and the overall impact it has on the environment, businesses are constantly searching for a more sustainable solution, especially when it comes to packaging and shipping their products. Here are a few ways you too can make your package more greener and eco-friendly:

Consider your packaging needs from start to finish. It is essential to evaluate the life cycle of your packaging needs. Where can unnecessary packaging be eliminated or could you use a more sustainable product in place of your current material that will be just as effective? By reviewing your options, you not only reduce your waste, but your cost for the materials, shipping, and disposal.

Use recyclable materials. Some items such as paper, cardboard, and biodegradable plastics and polyesters are not only recyclable, but can be biodegradable as well. By utilizing these materials in packaging your product for the shelf and for transportation, you are not only reducing waste, but also by preserving the energy required for manufacturing packaging materials.

Use eco-friendly labeling. Your product’s packaging may be recyclable, but, unfortunately, the inks and labels used on your product may not be. By using processes like digital corrugated printing, you can rest assured that the use of water-based inks is not only recyclable, but environmentally friendly as well.

Be creative. By designing a package that doubles as a storage container, an ornament, or a toy box can help to reduce waste.

When it comes to designing the ideal sustainable packaging solution for your product, it is imperative that you keep in mind that you are not only designing to reduce waste, but what will keep your product well protected without sacrificing the quality. Working with a professional packaging company, like PreferPack, can help you to design a unique packaging solution that fits all of your business’ needs as well as increase your bottom line.

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