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Corrugated Cardboard Reels & Spools

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Our corrugated reels and cardboard spools are a cost-effective alternative to wood, metal and plastic reels and spools. Like to do things yourself? We can also supply our reels and spools in kit form. Worried about too much dust from corrugated flanges? Our cardboard flanges provide a tough, dust-free alternative.
  • Packaging reels and spools for metal stampers, cable, flexible tubing, wire, film, plastics, solder, rope, twine, chain, extrusions, ribbon, and many other applications.
  • More cost-effective than wood, metal, or plastic reels and spools.
  • Our fiber cores, pop up (collapsible), and corrugated build up cores are available in various thicknesses and diameters.
  • Heavy duty, double laminated flange ends for heavy material.
  • Our heavy-duty reels and spools are rated for 200 lbs and greater.
  • Flange printing is available.
  • We can die cut flanges of almost any shape and size.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Corrugated pop-up reels are ideal for reducing costs associated with freight and storage.
  • Stock Pop-Up reels available – sizes are 21″ x 12″ x 5″ and 21″ x 12″ x 8-1/2″. Other pop-up reel sizes are available – we will provide the tooling.
  • Corrugated reels and cardboard spools can be provided in kit form with plastic or metal plugs. Ideal for reducing freight costs and storage space. Required for products that need to be assembled before being put on a reel or spool.
  • Please check our blog page for more information and photos.

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