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Flexible Pouches and Stick Packs

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Flexible pouches and packets are great for promotional items and new product testing. There are many different types of pouches and packets available made of different materials depending on your products. An aluminum layer gives your product a longer shelf life.

Flexible Pouches Available In Stock & Custom Shapes

PreferPack makes it easy for you to produce a finished, high quality product using flexible pouches. You choose the packaging design you want, and we print your design in high definition color, have the pouches filled and sealed and then delivered to you. Our 5,000 minimum product run is the perfect way to test a new product or formula and then scale it to larger sizes and quantities.

There are several types of flexible pouches with different features:
• Built-in spouts for lotions and cosmetics
• Hang hole pouches for promotional giveaways
• Foil and plastic pouches
• Stand up pouches
• Flat pouches
• Stick pouches

PreferPack offers FDA-approved pouches and packets that you can use for single serve amounts of OTC pills, antibacterial wipes and most any other type of liquid, powder or semi-solid. Flexible packets are perfect for storing products that are used in First Aid Kits along with lotions and creams in travel-size packages.

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