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Squeeze Tubes

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PreferPack delivers the finest, highest quality squeeze tubes to customers across a wide range of markets and industries. We offer a low minimum quantity with plastic squeeze tube orders starting at 5,000 (10,000 min. for ABL and PBL squeeze tubes), ideal for small or new product trial runs.

PreferPack can design your squeeze tubes, offer a variety of different finishes and provide high definition color printing of any design you need. Call us to find out how we can create the ideal squeeze tube for your products.

Squeeze tubes are an affordable and convenient packaging to protect, store, dispense and market many types of products in a wide variety of industries.
Cosmetics Squeeze Tubes & Custom Packaging
• Lip balm containers
• Lip gloss tubes
• Hand lotion tubes
• Hair care product tubes
• Makeup squeeze tubes

Personal Care Squeeze Tubes
• Toothpaste squeeze tubes
• Oral care tubes
• Sun tan squeeze lotions
• Skin lotion squeeze tubes
• Body lotion squeeze tubes
• Shampoo squeeze tubes

Industrial Products Squeeze Tubes
• Adhesives extruded tubes
• Paint squeeze tubes
• Silicon squeeze tubes

Different Types of Squeeze Tubes: Extruded Plastic Tubes, ABL Laminated Tubes & PBL Laminated Tubes

While squeeze tubes are available in many different sizes, capacities, shapes and colors with a variety of neck and cap choices, the first decision you need to make for your squeeze tubes is the type of material and manufacturing method of the tubes themselves.

The choice of squeeze tube material and method of construction depends on your product needs and marketing requirements.

Extruded Plastic Squeeze Tubes

Extruded plastic squeeze tubes are formed as one piece cylinders during the manufacturing process. The cylinders are cut to length and the head / neck attached. This results in a beautiful, seamless product that is ideal for hand creams, shampoos, cosmetic and oral care products.

Extruded plastic squeeze tubes are available in several different materials:

  • • LLDPE
  • • LDPE
  • • MDPE
  • • HDPE
  • • Multi-Layer EVOH / CO-Ex (Co-Extruded)
  • • Co-Extruded Soft Touch LDPE

Extruded plastic squeeze tubes can be finished and decorated in numerous ways:

  • • 6-Color Offset Printing
  • • 6-Color Screen Printing
  • • Hot stamping
  • • Labeled
  • • Gloss finish
  • • Matte finish
  • • Pearl finish
  • • Large diameter and length
  • • Blind end
  • • Custom head and caps
  • • PMS color matching of caps
  • • PMS color matching of tube body
  • • Safety / Tamper Evident Seals
  • • Shrink Wrapping of Flip Top Caps

Laminated Squeeze Tubes (ABL & PBL)

Laminated squeeze tubes start as a 5-layer, flat sheet of laminated plastic and / or aluminum. The laminate is printed then rolled and sealed on the side to form a tube. The cylinder is then joined to the tube neck. Laminated tubes have excellent barrier properties and are available in two general types:

    ABL (Aluminum Barrier Laminate) – available in base finishes of white, silver and pearl
    PBL (Plastic Barrier Laminate) – available in base finishes of white, transparent, pms colors, and pearl

Laminated squeeze tubes can be printed up to 6 colors + aqueous. They can also be finished with hot foil stamping and silk screening.

Applications for laminated squeeze tubes include, but are not limited to – cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, body care products, oral care products and food applications.

Plastic Squeeze Tube Caps & Closures

Usually regarded as one of the most important parts of a collapsible squeeze tube, the tube closure protects the packaged content in the tube from moisture, carbon dioxide, oxygen and other contaminants, giving the product a longer useful shelf life. Squeeze tube closures have evolved with technology, and today’s caps are easier to use, convenient and overall consumer friendly. There are a variety of tube caps and closures to choose from, and we encourage you to contact us or call at 877-284-7752 to get more details on the types of closures and squeeze tubes that are best for your needs.

Your customers will love the convenience, efficiency and beauty of squeeze tubes. Let us help you design the best squeeze tube for your needs. Call us at 877-284-7752.

Our Commitment to Green Packaging

Today, more than ever, sustainability throughout the entire product life cycle is everyone’s concern.

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