Green Global Business Practices

How To Be Environmentally Friendly With Your Packaging

Being environmentally conscious is an important factor of everyday life, and one of the easier ways to be more environmentally friendly is by recycling. But, materials that can be recycled are as clear cut as you might think, and that’s especially true when it comes to packaging that displays and holds most of the contents Read more about How To Be Environmentally Friendly With Your Packaging[…]

Packaging Made From Potatoes

In a time where being green has never been more important, a new packaging product is being made…out of potatoes?? Tom’s of Maine, producer of all-natural toothpaste and other hygiene products, has decided to give non-GMO potatoes a try as their new product packaging. These non-edible potatoes, that would have otherwise been thrown away, will Read more about Packaging Made From Potatoes[…]