Tube Necks, Caps & New Decoration Techniques Give Squeeze Tubes Great Versatility

As plastic squeeze tubes have evolved with many types and shapes available made from different materials, so have the tube necks and caps. Much like the squeeze tubes themselves, the many different tube necks and cap styles now available provide dispensing capabilities unique for nearly any need in any industry.

squeeze tube neck with a cut-off spout tip

Starting with tube necks, this part of the squeeze tube has two main functions. First, it’s the opening of the squeeze tube that allows the contained product to be dispense. Second, the tube neck also contains protruding threads that hold the different types of caps, stoppers or closures onto the squeeze tube itself. One of the great squeeze tube innovations of recent years is the ability to create tubes with a choice of tube neck style and size along with a preferred type of cap or lid that is independent from the tube neck choice. This has created great diversity in the type of products that are put into squeeze tubes as well as easier use and less waste at the end user.

metal squeeze tubes are great to package paints since air cannot permeate the tube walls, protecting the paint for longer use. Get the squeeze tubes you need at

Generally, the thicker diameter of the tube neck and more threads that are on the neck, the more squeezable pressure the neck and tube can withstand. Having a thicker, more robust tube neck that withstands higher pressures allows you to package products that have a thicker viscosity like adhesives, caulk and artist's paint (shown to the right). A thicker, longer tube neck also allows for more and bigger threads for a better seal and to secure the tube cap or lid if the tube is squeezed with the cap or lid on the tube.

A small example of the type of caps we can provide.

When it comes to tube caps and lids, there are now dozens of different options to choose from which allows you to create a squeeze tube body and cap combination that is ideal for any single product you want to package and sell. squeeze tube caps with metallic finishes can help your packaging and brand stand out -- Squeeze tube caps can be molded with custom colors to reflect and enhance your product branding. You can make your squeeze tubes stand out with foil or other metallic finishes that shimmer and reflect on caps as well (as seen in the example to the right).

While standard screw-on caps and flip-up lids are still most prominently used on squeeze tubes, other types of tube caps are gaining in popularity – especially in the cosmetic and makeup industries – because they allow easy, direct and accurate application of specific products for the user. For example, screw on caps can now come with wand applicators where the cap not only acts as the tube seal but also the handle for the wand with an applicator tip that is used for applying products like eye make-up and lip gloss.

Many different styles of caps can also be used on the same type of tube neck which is a great way to package and market your products to a specific audience, especially products that are in categories like anti-aging and pain relief. squeeze tube screw on cap with spout and snap on spout coverYou can combine a needle nose spout for a tube neck with a variety of different cap sizes, shapes and styles depending on what product is in the squeeze tube. Ribbed bullet caps are widely used on needle nose necks, but you can opt for a larger, easier-to-remove stand up cap for the same type tube neck that makes using the product much easier for aging users and others with chronic pain from arthritis or other ailments.

Squeeze tubes are great especially because of their versatility and effectiveness at safely packaging a wide variety of products, and new, specialized designs of tube necks and tube caps are much more common and less expensive to make than just 10 years ago. These factors and many other features are what make squeeze tubes use much more prevalent today across many more industries.

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